Application and Random Selection

The application process for the Booth Area is outlined on the right.

Please submit the applicant’s name, exhibition name, desired booth type and any additional options you require within the application period.

After applying you will receive an email containing your contract ID, application information and the date by which to expect the results announcement.
After the results are announced you will need your contract ID in order to make an Artist Introduction Page, apply for additional options, etc, so please make special note of it.
*And please make sure your email client permits correspondence from addresses ending in @designfesta.



Results Announcement

Following the random selection, all applicants will be informed of the results via email. Please contact the Design Festa office if you do not receive this results announcement email.
Successful applicants will have ten days to make payment in order to secure their booth reservation regardless of whether or not the email was received.

*If a cancellation opens a space pertaining to your preferred booth specifications, you will be contacted via email.

*If available booth spaces outnumber the amount of applications received after the initial random selection, details pertaining to the remaining number of what booth types will be listed on the Design Festa website and announced via email newsletter.



Please make your payment by any of the following methods: directly at the Design Festa office, by bank transfer, in cash via registered mail or by credit card through our website.

Please make your payment within 10 days of submitting your application. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation, and no further applications will be accepted after the deadline.



Receive Confirmation

You will receive confirmation either by email or phone once both your payment and application have been processed.
Please contact the Design Festa office if you require a receipt or if you do not receive confirmation within one week of making your payment.


Submit a Profile (optional)

Design Festa exhibitors are welcome to publish pictures and information featuring their Design Festa exhibitions on the official Design Festa website by providing their contract ID, applicant name, up to four images and anecdotes from the event via the online form or by post.

Submitted information cannot be altered once it has been published. Materials submitted with your application cannot be returned to you.


Receive Exclusive News for Exhibitors

We will be sending you information and news by e-mail between one and two times a month.

Each issue of the Design Festa newsletter will include your Contract ID and important information about event day regulations, deadlines and frequently asked questions.

Please contact the Design Festa Office ( ) if you change your email address.


Receive the Exhibitor Information Packet

An informational packet will reach you a month before the event and will include your booth number and other details that will require your attention.
Please make sure all your group members read the included information.
This packet will also include any exhibitor or parking passes you have ordered.



Rental Equipment (optional)

A catalogue outlining all equipment available for rent (wall panels, tables, chairs, etc) will be included in the Exhibitor Information Package that will reach you approximately one month prior to the event.

Equipment rented in advance will be prepared in your booth space on your behalf on the day of your exhibition.


Special Exhibition Permission (optional)

Individuals planning exhibitions and/or performances incorporating music or sound must apply for permission from the Design Festa Office in advance.
※Please refer to the email newsletter distributed by the Design Festa Office for details.

Performance application performance: How to be the performance and playing in the booth is a need to apply in advance.
※ will guide you in an e-mail magazine, etc. for more information.

To use combustible items: You will be required to apply for permission to use combustible items if you are intending to use any of the following in your booth: anything over 4m in height, two-story installations/roof-topped structures, candles, incense, gas burners or any items that require flames or dangerous substances.

Early Morning Setup: Two-Day or Saturday-Only exhibitors have the option of arriving at Tokyo Big Sight to begin the setup of their booth space between 3am and 5:30am on the first day of the event. Please refer to the Exhibitor Information Package for details.


Deliver to the Venue (optional)

Packages cannot be sent to Tokyo Big Sight directly, but they can be sent to a separate address during a specific period of time and prepared at Tokyo Big Sight on your behalf.
Please refer to the Exhibitor Information Package for details.



Submit an Exhibition Report (optional)

You can upload an exhibitor report to our official website including photos from your exhibition (up to 4jpeg files) from event days, comments about your exhibition, comments from your visitors and your future exhibition schedule.

Click here to see the exhibitor report page.