Design Festa exhibitors are welcome to publish pictures and information featuring their work and themselves on the official Design Festa website by providing their contract ID, applicant name, up to four images and commentary via the online form or by post.I hope that you can use it for PR.
We look forward to your introduction of exhibitors!

Artist Introduction Gallery Requirements


・Number of sheets: Upper limit 4 sheets

・Color setting: RGB

・File format: JPEG

・Data size: Upper limit 800KB (4 sheets total)

・Image size per sheet: Within 450px x 450px

※ Image 1 accepts only square images.
※The first image (image 1) accepts only square images.
※If it is larger than the specified data size, it can not be sent.

Text content

・Artist information:Up to 300 charactors ※Line feed is treated as 2 characters.

・About your artwork:Up to 450 charactors ※Line feed is treated as 2 characters.

・Your website URL


DESIGN FESTA vol.54:From Sep 3rd, 2021 (Fri) at 12pm JST to Oct 18th, 2021 (Mon) at 7pm JST.


・Only exhibitors whose payments have been successfully processed are eligible to apply for a space in the Artist Introduction Gallery.

・It may take up to one week for your page to appear in the gallery.

・The information you submit cannot be changed.

・Only one Introduction Page per application.

・Your exhibitor name, not your applicant name, will be listed in your profile.

・Please make sure your information is accurate.

・Do not close your Internet browser until the confirmation message appears, and be aware that your application may not send properly if you close your browser during transmission.

・You will receive an automatic reply email if your information has been submitted correctly.
Please contact the Design Festa office if you do not receive your confirmation email after submitting.

・The auto-reply email is confirmation that you have successfully submitted your information.

・We have not sent information on the publication completion. Please note.