The four photos of the Design Festa day, the appearance of the day, customer reaction, impressions of the exhibition, and future activities can be posted as a report.
We look forward to your Design Festa Exhibition Report.

The application period has ended.

Exhibition Report Requirements

Submit your Exhibition Report via the online form or by post.


  • Four photos (up to 800KB,Color setting RGB JPEG only)
  • Image 1 will be published in the exhibition report list.
    ※ For image 1, please be sure to upload an image within 450px x 450px.


  • Only photographs taken during event days accepted.
  • The information you submit cannot be changed.
  • Only one report per exhibition.
  • Your exhibitor name, not your applicant name, will be listed in your report.
  • Please understand that it may take up to a week for your submission to appear.
  • Please contact the Design Festa office if you do not know your contract ID.
  • Please close the browser after the transmission completion screen changes.If you close the browser while sending, documents may not be sent.
  • If the exhibitor introduction data is accepted successfully, we will send you a reply email.
    If you do not receive an automatic reply email, there is a possibility that you can not apply.
    Please contact the office.
  • You will not be sent a confirmation email after your Exhibition Report has been uploaded.


  • What made you decide to apply for Design Festa? (up to 300 characters)
  • Tell us about your artwork (up to 300 characters)
  • Give a general impression of your experience at the event. (up to 300 characters)
  • Your exhibition schedule (up to 300 characters)

Application period

  • DESIGN FESTA vol.50 exhibitor report acceptance period from November 16, 2019 (Monday) to December 17, 2019 (Tuesday)

Please see the list from View the list here.

The application period has ended.