About the ticket

Ticket Release Date
DESIGN FESTA vol.52 *It is currently in preparation.

Currently we are adjusting the general tickets sale for Design Festa vol.52, which will be held in Tokyo Big Sight on November 7th (Saturday) and 8th (Sunday), 2020.
After confirming the details such as the starting date of tickets sale period, we will update the information soon.
Due to the governmental COVID-19 guidelines, we will request the visitor ID data in order to register for tickets. This is in accordance with government COVID-19 track and trace policy. Thank you for your cooperation and kindness during these difficult times.
In the future, the specific admission method may be adjusted according to COVID-19 situation.
Please note it is possible to require each guest to provide their identification before enter the event.

Reception ticket

◆ To whom hold the Design Festa vol.51 tickets.

If you have the original tickets or the general tickets from convenience stores like the images as below, it is able to continue to use these tickets in Design Festa vol.52.

vol.51 tickets