APPLICATION PROCESS (Show Performance Area)


  • Appearances in the show · performance area can be made in the web form, mailing, fax, office.

    Please fill out the form and the form on the form and submit it during the application period.

    After applying, I will inform you of the contract ID, application details by e-mail.

    ※The contract ID is required for confirmation after winning and application for additional options etc. Please keep it in a safe place.

  • step1


STEP2:Lottery·Notice notice

Within ten days from application deadline, we will inform you of the result of the result by e-mail.

Sorry to trouble you, but please contact the office if you do not receive the result mail.

※If the number of applications does not reach the capacity limit, there is a possibility to make an additional recruitment. Details will be notified by HP and e-mail magazine etc.


STEP3:Payment of Exhibition Fees

  • We will send you an email about the payment and a timetable.

    Please pay the exhibition fee at the payment method stated in the email.
    Please note that winning will be invalid if payment can not be confirmed by the due date.

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STEP4:Application for participation completed

  • Once we have processed your payment, you will receive an email confirming your payment and your exhibition.
    If you do not receive an email confirmation of your payment within 1 week of submitting payment, please contact the Design Festa Office.

    ※In the case of bank transfer, we will replace the receipt with the transfer (transaction) statement issued by the financial institution, payment receipt.

  • デザイン アート デザインフェスタ 出展の流れ step3


STEP5:Artist Profile Gallery Submission

  • We will introduce your performance group in our event day pamphlet, on our website, as well as on signage on the day of the event.

    The text of the introduction introduction and SNS information will be posted only on the timetable of the homepage.

    In addition, please understand that you can not change the content you submitted once.

  • step3


STEP6:Set List / Equipment Input Chart Reception Period

We will send you the timetable of the day and the information of the waiting room, the casting material entry table and the set list by e-mail.

Be sure to submit it by e-mail or fax before the deadline.


STEP7:”Exhibitor Pass / Information on Exhibition” Arrived

  • Approximately one month before the event, we will send “Information for exhibition” by post.
    We have noted notes on exhibiting in the guide, so please always circulate to non-representatives.

  • デザイン アート デザインフェスタ 出展の流れ step6


STEP9:Rehearsal time table information

We will send a rehearsal timetable to rehearsals or performers who wish to play.


STEP10:Information on the current day

We will send you an email about the flow of the day, exhibitor pass, parking ticket sale etc.


STEP11:On the day of the event

デザイン アート デザインフェスタ 出展の流れ 開催当日

STEP12:Posting of Exhibit Report

  • You can post the picture of the day of the event, customer’s reaction, impressions and upcoming activity schedule and 4 photos of the day on the website of Design Festa.
    Please use as a place of publicity after the event.

  • デザイン アート デザインフェスタ 出展の流れ step10

For details on exhibitor reports, please refer to the following.