STEP 1: Application · Draw

  • You can apply to exhibit at Design Festa using any of the methods to the right.

    To apply, please fill out the registration form and select your desired booth type. Please be sure to fill out all the required information.

    After submitting the form, we will contact you by mail with your Contract ID, application information, and the results of the Exhibitor Random Selection.

    Your Contract ID is required to order additional passes and submit an Artist’s Profile, so please be sure to keep your confirmation email for your records.

    ※Please make sure your email service allows you to receive emails

  • Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition step 1

For those considering registering for Design Festa, please click here for more information

STEP 2: Results Announcement

  • The results of the Random Selection will be sent to all applicants via email.

    If you do not receive the results email, please contact the Design Festa Office.

    If we do not receive payment with 10 days of the Results announcement, your registration will be cancelled, even if you did not receive the announcement email, so please be careful.

    ※ If a cancellation opens a space pertaining to your preferred booth specifications, you will be contacted via email.

    ※ If available booth spaces outnumber the amount of applications received after the initial random selection, we may hold an Add-On Exhibitor Registration period. Details pertaining to this will be listed on the Design Festa website and announced via email newsletter.

STEP 3: Payment of Exhibition Fees

  • Please pay the booth exhibition fee either directly at the office, by bank transfer, cash by registered mail, or via online payment (only for web applications).

    If we do not receive payment within 10 days (including Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays) from the day of the results announcement, your registration will be automatically cancelled.

  • Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition step 2

STEP 4: Receive Confirmation of Payment

  • Once we have confirmed your payment, you will receive an email from the Design Festa Office confirming your payment and exhibition.

    If you do not receive confirmation of your payment within a week after you submitted your payment, please contact the Design Festa Office. We apologize for the inconvenience.

    * In the case of bank transfer, the transfer receipt you receive from the bank serves as a receipt for the payment of your exhibition fees.

  • Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition step 3

STEP 5: Artist Profile Gallery Submission (Optional)

  • Introduce your exhibtion and artworks on our website!

    To get featured, submit up to 4 images and an accompanying text, along with your contract ID and Representative’s Name, to the Design Festa office via the online form on our website.

    Once we have received your submission, we will publish it on our website. Please note that the content of your Artist Profile cannot be changed after it has been submitted.

    ※ We do not return any materials submitted to us. We appreciate your understanding.

For more information about the Artist Profile Gallery, please click below.

Click here to see the Artist Profile Gallery.

STEP 6: Exhibitor’s Newsletter

  • Exhibitors will receive a newletter about exhibiting at Design Festa about 1-2 times a month.

    These newsletters contain important information about exhibiting with Design Festa, including frequently asked questions, deadlines, and event day regulations.

    If your email address has changed,

    please contact our office at (

STEP 7: Booth Number Notification and Exhibitor’s Information Packet

  • About 1 month before the event, you will receive the Exhibitor’s Information Packet by mail. In this packet will be your booth number, as well as the event day regulations, so please make sure that all members of your exhibition group have the chance to read through it.

    Also enclosed will be any exhibitor pass and parking passes that were ordered during the first round of Optional Resource Orders.

  • Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition step 6

STEP 8: Rental Equipment Orders (Optional)

  • A catalogue outlining all equipment available for rent (wall panels, tables, chairs, etc) will be included in the Exhibitor Information Packet.

    Equipment rented in advance will be prepared at your booth space on your behalf on the day of the event.

See below for more information on Rental Equipment.

STEP 9: Other Optional Applications Related to Exhibiting

  • Performances: You are required to submit a Performance Application beforehand if you will be holding any sort of performance.

    ※ Please refer to the montly newsletter for more details.

    Regarding the Use of Fire and Hazardous Materials: If you will be selling or using any of the following items in your exhibition, a Hazardous Materials Permit Application is required.

    (2-story structures/ roofed structure/ candle, incense, burners and any other that uses fire/ flammable substances such as spray and gasoline)

    Early morning Setup: If you are concerned that the scheduled setup time will not be enough time to prepare your booth, we offer Early Morning Setup (3:00am~5:00am) to Saturday Only and 2 Day exhibitors.

    ※ For details, please see your Exhibitor’s Information Packet and monthly newsletter.

STEP 10: Package Delivery to Venue (Optional)

  • Packages cannot be sent to Tokyo Big Sight directly, but they can be sent to a separate address during a specific period of time and prepared at Tokyo Big Sight on your behalf.

    ※ For more information, please see the Exhibitor’s Information Packet.

  • Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition step 9

Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition

STEP 11: Exhibition Report Submission

  • After the event, you can post up to 4 photographs from the event, along with your thoughts about the event and any future plans you have, onto the Design Festa website.

  • Design Art Design Festa Flow of exhibition step 10

For more information about Exhibitor’s Reports, please click below