Vol.47 出展者紹介

デザインフェスタ 出展者紹介

Kho-K & Family Arts

ジャンル 絵画,イラスト,雑貨
出展日 両日
ブースNo. C-233,C-234
アーティスト情報 Kho-K(Kaho Katayama)
Currently lives and works in Tokyo, Japan

Kho-K and the Family
My father and husband will be exhibit their arts.
作品について "Be Healthy with Physical and Mental".
I got cancer of the blood five years ago. And I have biopolar disorder type ? and I was diagnosed with autonomic imbalance.

Kho-K, who destroyed the physical and mental health, draws the support of your health.
URL https://behealthy-witharts.com/