Vol.47 出展者紹介

デザインフェスタ 出展者紹介

Moon Bunny

ジャンル アクセサリー,ファッション,フィギュア・人形,その他
出展日 両日
ブースNo. I-170
アーティスト情報 \"Moon Bunny\" is the project of Veronika Gorbunova and Tatiana Palamarchuk, Russia-based, self-taught artists who make each item by hand.The Moon Bunny features handmade jewelry, accessories with cute characters and pastel colors, and even designer plush dolls.
作品について We are trying our best to create a little fairytale in each piece. We are sure when you craft something with pleasure and nice emotions ? it could bring good luck and positive energy to the future owner.We like to invent new ways to work with clay and yarn, to create new designs and make new pieces
URL http://cutemoonbunny.com