Vol. 出展者レポート

デザインフェスタ 出展者レポート

Michael Graham

ジャンル その他
出展日 両日
作品について I document my reality by taking photographs. I crop them, manipulate the elements (color, exposure, shadows, contrast), and draw over the image with a variety of tools using an iPad app before erasing the original. Is it Art? Hmmmmm - I'm not sure....
出展の感想 Design Festa is a huge group of artists together in one place representing an enormous spectrum of ideas, talents, and skills. The creativity demonstrated by the many great people through their great work is truly energizing.
今後の予定 I will continue to exhibit my digital prints while documenting Design Festa as a 'Cultural Phenomenon Unique to Japan' and networking with other creative people.
URL https://goo.gl/photos/Q6hJ9q1V4CQFjwTNA