Exhibiting FAQ

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  • Q. Is there a juried selection or prerequisite to exhibit?

    There is no prerequisite or juried selection. As long as it is an original work, anyone can exhibit at Design Festa. Event participation is decided by random selection.

    Design Festa does not allow the exhibition and/or sale of copyrighted materials, derivative works, commercial products/materials, or health products. Fortune telling is also prohibited.

    If your exhibition is found to be breaking any of the event’s guidelines for exhibition, you may be asked to leave the event, or have the offending items confiscated.
    We do not issue refunds of exhibition fees in such cases. Thank you for your cooperation.

  • Q. Can we participate as a school?

    Yes. Group participation follow the same guidelines for exhibition as individual participation.

  • Q. Is it possible to choose the location of my booth?

    No. Booth placement is decided by randon selection and cannot be specially requested.

  • Q. Can I request a booth space next to my friend?

    No. Booth placement requests are not accepted. If you would like to be placed next to your friend, please apply for multiple booths through one application. When applying for multiple booths through a single application, those booths will be placed side by side.

  • Q. Can I exhibit “re-imagined” or “remake” works?

    If the re-imaginating is your own, and if there is a high degree of originality in the work, then yes, exhibition is possible.

    However, re-imaginings and remake works are limited to those falling within the realms of Art and Design.

  • Q. Can I sell commercial products?

    Sale or resale of mass produced products is prohibited. However, if you are the designer of said product, exhibition and sale is allowed, but limited to items falling within the realms of Art and Design.

  • Q. Can I exhibit as a massage parlor/hair and makeup salon?

    Massage parlors and hair/makeup salons are not allowed.

  • Q. Can I sell food and drink at my booth?

    No. Only Food Area exhibitors can sell food and drink.

  • Q. Can I use candles and incense in my exhibition?

    The exhibition/display of candles and incense requires prior permission from the fire department, which can be granted through an Application for Hazardous Materials Permit. In addition to candles and incense, permission from the fire department is also required for the following: structures over 4 meters tall, 2 story structures, structures with roofs, and any other combustible or hazardous materials.

  • Q. Can I distribute flyers in the event halls?

    The distribution of flyers and other forms of publicity must be confined to your booth space.

  • Q. Is there a deadline for registration?

    Once the Registration period has ended, we will close registration. If there is a surplus of booths after the registration period has ended, we may hold additional Event Registration periods.

    Please be aware that the Event areas (Show Stage, Performance Area, Food Area, Super-size Live Painting) have different deadlines from the booth areas. For more information, please see the Event Area page.

  • Q. How do I register?

    Please register via the registration form found on our website. If you would like a physical form, please contact us and we will send you a paper registration form. Click here to apply.

  • Q. Do you have a waitlist for exhibitors?

    Yes. You can register for the waitlist via our website. Once a booth meeting your specifications becomes available, we will contact you via mail. Please be aware that registering to the waitlist does not guarantee exhibition. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Q. I need to cancel my exhibition. Can you refund my exhibition fees?

    We can cancel your exhibition, but cannot refund any exhibition fees that have already been paid. If you would like to cancel your exhibition, please contact the Design Festa office.

Booth Layout/Display FAQ

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  • Q. Does the booth include walls, tables, chairs, etc.?

    Your booth is only a reservation of space, marked on the floor by tape. If you would like to have tables, chairs, or wall panels, please either bring your own or apply for rental equipment via Rental Equipment Gakari.

  • Q. Can I sell things at my booth?

    Yes, you may sell freely at your booth. We do not charge a commission fee for those who sell goods during the event.

    The Design Festa office takes no responsibility for any troubles in regards to the selling of artwork and goods.

  • Q. Can I play music at my booth?

    Yes, but please make sure to consider the event visitors and the surrounding exhibitors in regards to volume control. If we receive a number of complaints regarding your music, we may ask you to either adjust the volume, or turn off the music entirely. We appreciate your understanding.

  • Q. Can I play an instrument/hold a performance at my booth?

    Performances of all kinds are only possible for M-Booth exhibitors. However, Amplifiers, microphones, and drums are prohibited.

    Please be sure to keep your performance within your allotted booth space. In the case that a crowd forms around your booth, please direct the crowd so that it does not block aisles or access to the surrounding booths.

  • Q. Is an application required for performances?

    Yes, an application is required if you plan on holding any kind of performance. We will send details about performance applications in our monthly Exhibitor’s Newsletter, so please apply through the process detailed there.
    Please be sure to keep your performance within your allotted booth space.

  • Q. Can I put my baggage in the vacant aisles or spaces in the event hall?

    No. Please keep any baggage or boxes you may have within your own booth space or in any of the coin lockers found throughout Tokyo Big Sight.

  • Q. Can I use the electric outlets in the event hall?

    No, the electrical outlets found throughout the event hall cannot be used. If you would like an electrical outlet for your booth, please apply for one through our Optional Resource page. Click Here for more information about Optional Resources available to exhibitors.

Event Setup and Takedown FAQ

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  • Q. Do you rent out stepladders or carts?

    No. Please bring your own carts and ladders.

  • Q. Can I unload my luggage using my car?

    Yes. Please use the designated Loading Docks when unloading via car.

    In addition, we ask that all exhibitors move their cars once they have finished unloading their vehicles.

    Click here for information on parking passes.

  • Q. Can I setup my booth the day before the event?

    No. If you are concerned you will not have enough time to setup up your booth, please apply for Early Morning Setup, which will be held from 3am to 5am on the first day of the event.

    ※Early Morning Setup requires a prior application. For more information, please see your Exhibitor’s Information Packet.

  • Q. Do people coming to help me with Setup need exhibitor passes?

    If they are in elementary school or older, then yes, an exhibitor pass is required. Please have your exhibitor pass in a visible place when entering the event halls.

    2 exhibitor passes are included for every booth ordered. If you have more than 2 participants, please be sure to order the necessary amount of exhibitor passes.

  • Q. The number of participants for my group has increased. Can I buy additional exhibitor passes?

    Yes. Please contact the office to change the number of participants for your group, and then order the additional passes required here.

  • Q. Is possible to have packages sent to the event?

    If you send your packages to the designated address during the designated time period, it is possible to pick up your packages at the event during Event Setup. Please be aware there is a storage fee for packages sent.

        For more information, please see your Exhibitor’s Information Packet.