Q.Are there any restrictions as to what can be exhibited?

As this is a free arts festival we believe in freedom of expression. However, please note that idol/fan art and other copyrighted content is not permitted. Be original.

Q.Can we apply as a group?

Yes, you can apply as an individual or as a group.
Many of our exhibitors belong to schools, clubs and companies.

Q.Can I choose where my booth is going to be?

Booth location is decided by random selection and cannot be specially requested.

Q.Can my booth be located next to my friend or coworker's booth?

If you apply for multiple booth spaces with one application, those booth spaces will be located side-by-side. The locations of booth spaces applied for separately cannot be specially requested.

Q.Can I exhibit "re-imagined" artwork or clothing?

Yes, as long as the concept for the re-imagining is your own.

Q.Can I sell products I didn't make myself?

No, the sale of mass-produced products is prohibited. If the work is of your own creation you may sell it, if it is not you may not.

Q.Can I exhibit as a hair styling, cosmetics or massage salon?

No, exhibiting as any of the above for business purposes is not permitted.

Q.Can I sell food and drink in my booth?

No, food and drink sales are permitted in designated areas only.

Q.Can I use candles and incense in my booth?

Yes, but be aware that using candles or combustibles will require permission from the fire department. We will apply for permission on your behalf, but you must notify us at least one month prior to the event. This permission is also required for the following: anything over 4m in height, 2-story installations, structures with roofs, gas burners and/or any other combustible or dangerous items.

Q.Is it ok to distribute my flyers in the hall?

No, but please feel free to place your flyers within your booth.

Q.Is there a deadline?

Applications will no longer be accepted once an application deadline has passed. Please click hereto see each event areas respective deadlines.

Q.How can I apply?

Please apply through our official website.
If you wish to apply by post, please contact the Design Festa office.

Q.Can I apply for the waiting list?

Yes, please apply for the waiting list via our official website. But please note we cannot guarantee that booths will become available.

Q.Is there a refund for cancellations?

Refunds are not possible after both your application and payment have been processed.
Please contact the Design Festa Office if you wish to cancel.


Q.Does my booth come with wall-panels, tables and/or chairs?

No, please apply for rental equipmentif you wish to have any of the above items in your booth.

Q.Can I sell my artwork?

Yes, you can. We do not charge commission and all sales negotiations will be between yourself and the buyer.

Q.Can I play music in my booth?

Yes, but please be aware that if we receive any complaints you will be asked to stop.

Q.Can I perform live music in my booth?

Sound performers can only apply for M-size booths. The use of amplified sound, microphones and drum sets is prohibited.
If you wish to perform with sound of any kind, an extra application for permission will be required.
Your performance and any PR must be held within the confines of your booth space, the outlines of which will be marked by tape on the floor.
Please ensure that your audience does not block passages near other exhibitors' booths or around your booth.
Thank you.

Q.Can I leave my items in the aisles or empty booths?

No, please keep your belongings in your booth or in Big Sight coin lockers.

Q.Can I use existing electrical outlets/sockets at the venue?

Please apply for Design Festa provided electrical outlets, as using Tokyo Big Sight electrical outlets is strictly forbidden.

please click here for details.


Q.Can I rent/borrow trolleys, carts or tools?

No, please bring your own.

Q.Can I drive in and unload items for exhibition on the day of the event?

Yes, please go to the specified delivery area to unload (short term only, driving into the halls is not permitted)

Q.Can I deliver on the day before the event?

No, you cannot. If you wish to make an early morning delivery, please submit an application for permission in advance. Please contact the Design Festa office for more details.

Q.Do the people helping me deliver and set up need exhibitor passes?

Yes, anyone over the age of six entering the halls will be required to have a pass.
(available at all exhibitors entrance doors until 10:45am)

Q.I have added more members to my exhibition group. Where can I purchase additional exhibitor passes?

Please inform the Design Festa office of the new total number of people in your group and click here to apply through our official website for additional exhibitor passes.

Q.Can I send things home from the venue by post?

Packages can be sent from the venue during event days only at specific times (storage fees charged separately). Please refer to the Exhibitor Information Package for more information.