DESIGN FESTA vol.52 Venue Map

Design Festa vol.52 will be held at Tokyo Big Sight West Hall(Whole building).
* The placement on the day may be different from the description.

  • Venue Map

    DESIGN FESTA vol.51 Venue Map 1

    DESIGN FESTA vol.51 Venue Map 2

  • Exhibition Area Contents

    Area Name Contents
    A illustration / live-paint
    B illustration / paintings
    C illustration / paintings / sundries / workshop
    D all genre
    E illustration / paintings / sundries / fasion / films · multimedia
    F fashion / interior / crafts
    G crafts / sundries / photography / books
    H Low-Light Area(all genre)
    I Figuree · Dolls / sundries / live-paint
    J sundries
    K accessories / sundries
    L accessories
    Workshop Area Interactive workshop area
    Super Sized Live Paint Huge canvas booth with height 3.6 m × width 8 m × depth 0.9 m
    Food Area / Cafe Area Area with a wide variety of foods, sweets and drinks, etc.
    Show Stage Singing, dancing, sword fighting, fashion shows, etc.
    Performance Playing, singing, dancing, etc.