About the ticket for DESIGN FESTA VOL.54

Ticket release date : Design Festa vol.54 * In preparation.

General admission ticketAdvance saleSame-day
1 DAY ticket¥800¥1,000
2 DAYS ticket¥1,500*Unavailable

”Original ticket” is only available at Design Festa Gallery, Design Festa Office and “Ticket BOX” on the event.

Admission is free for guests below elementary school.
* You can not cancel or refund a purchased ticket. Please note that reissue due to loss or damage can not be made.
* Please note, the ”2DAYS advance ticket” is only available at eplus, and we are selling ”1 DAY advance ticket” at Design Festa Gallery and Design Festa Office.

Advance tickets

eplus : In preparation.
Design Festa Gallery and Design Festa Office : In preparation.

Purchase Paper tickets from convenience store or by mail.

*Please check the homepage of each convenience store to know how to purchase the tickets.
*Please ask the shop staff if you don’t understand how to use the machine or how to pay for the tickets.
*Please check the vol number when purchasing the tickets.

If you want to know how to purchase the tickets, please check it as below.


3-20-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0001
11:00 – 20:00 Open all year round (excluding 12 / 30-1 / 3)

About the tickets sold on the day

The same-day tickets will be sold only at the “Tickets BOX” in the the event venue.
Pleasew note that it’s not available at eplus.
*”1 day Ticket” is also available.
*Due to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will take precautionary measures by limiting the number of visitors who can safely enter the venue.

About the “Registration Form”

In order to prevent infection of the COVID-19, please fill in “”the registration form”” before going to the VOL.54 event.
We will only use the registration in formation if someone infected by the coronavirus.