What is the Regular Lighting Area?

  • This huge area is open to anyone with something original to exhibit, whether an individual, group, class or club. 

  • If you wish to apply for a space in the Workshop Area, the Live Painting Area or the Super-Sized Live Painting Area, please apply via the Special Area page

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Registration Period and Results Announcement

Reception period:
from 12:00 noon Tue., November 26, 2019
to 19:00 Tue., December 10
* Applications in writing must arrive by the deadline.
Announcement of winning:
Thu., December 12, 2019
* We will announce on e-mail and site.
Cancellation waiting period:
From 12:00 noon Mon., January 13, 2020
to 19:00 Thu., March 19
* Applications by fax / mail must arrive by the deadline.
Waiting for Cancellation Announcement:
We will notify you by email at any time.

Exhibit Form · Fee

  • Booth spaces are marked on the floor with tape and are reservations of space only.
    Wall panels, tables and chairs are optional items available to rent.

    Please choose from S, M and L-size booths.

    • ※Two complimentary exhibitor passes included per booth space.
    • ※Order additional exhibitor passes if you are a part of a group of more than two people.
    • ※Exhibitors will be provided with information about renting optional equipment (tables, chairs, etc) after their applications have been processed.

S Booth

Width(w) 1.8 m × Depth (D) 0.9 m 1.62 ㎡ Approximately one tatami mat


    S Booth

    S Booth

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    The smallest booth type. Paintings, accessories, sundries, and individual exhibitions recommended for this size.
    ※Sound performances are not permitted in S-size booths.

    S Booth Price List
    April 11(Sat) April 12(Sun) 2Days
    ¥12,600 ¥12,600 ¥22,000

    ※ The price is including tax.

M Booth

Width 1.8 m × Depth 1.8 m 3.24 m² (About 2 tatami mats)

  • M Booth

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    A deep, square shaped booth recommended for workshops, paintings, sculptures and group exhibitions.
    ※Sound performances can be held in booths of this size only.

    M Booth Price List
    April 11(Sat) April 12(Sun) 2D
    ¥23,100 ¥23,100 ¥41,000

    ※ The price is including tax.

L Booth

Width 2.4 m × Depth 2.4 m 5.76 ㎡ (About 3.5 tatami mats)


    L Booth


    L Booth

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    The largest, square shaped booth, ideal for larger group exhibitions.

    L booth price list

    ※ The price is including tax.

Optional Resources

  • Additional exhibitor passes,parking passes and electrica,outlets also available.

    [Primary application period]
    from 12:00 noon Fri., December 27, 2019
    to at 19:00 Mon., January 13, 2020

    [Second application period]
    from 12:00 noon Tue., February 11, 2020
    to at 19:00 Wed., March 4, 2020

  • Exhibitor Pass Fee
    Saturday tickets · Sunday tickets Both day tickets
    Advance ¥550 ¥1,100
    At the Door ¥1,000 ¥1,800


  • Payment by Bank Transfer

    Please add the bank service fee (including overseas remittance) to your total amount.

    • ※ Contract ID will be notified by e-mail after application.
    • ※Indicate the applicant’s name and contract ID as the sender.
    • Please contact Design Festa Office if your sender name will be different from the name on your application.

    【Wire-transfer to】
    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Branch: Shinjuku-Nishiguchi Branch Ordinary Account: 9473358 Payee: Design Festa Ltd. Bank code: 259 Swift Code: SMBCJPJT

  • Cash via Registered Mail · In person at the Deisign Festa Office

    Send to / Pay at : Design Festa Office
    3-20-18-3F Jinguumae, Shibuyaku, Tokyo 150-0001
    Tel: 03-3479-1433
    Open: 10am to 7pm ※Please indicate the applicant’s full name as the sender.

  • Payment by Credit Card

    Payment by credit card is only available when applying through the Design Festa official website.
    Accepted credit cards are VISA, MASTERCARD・JCB・American Express・Diners Club・PayPal.

    アート デザインフェスタ クレジット決済