General Guidelines

  • Basic Rules

    • Only 100% original work can be exhibited.
    • The sale of art supplies and parts is prohibited.
    • Please note that if the Design Festa office discovers work that violates copyright laws, we will refuse your application at our own discretion or ask you to remove your booth from the venue, in which case please understand that registration fees are nonrefundable.
    • The Design Festa Office accepts no responsibility for theft, loss, damage, injury or incidents.
    • While spelling errors can be corrected after your application has been processed, exhibition names cannot be changed.
    • The Design Festa Office accepts no responsibility for exhibitors’ or artists’ work in regard to copyright laws.
    • Pictures taken at the venue, and materials submitted to us, may be used for promotional and advertising purposes by the Design Festa Office. Thank you for your understanding.
    • The selling of food or drinks from a booth outside of the Restaurant & Café/Bar Area is prohibited.
    • Hair and/or make-up salons, even if run by licensed professionals, are forbidden from events halls by the Health Department. Private hair styling and make-up permitted for use in fashion shows.
  • Application and Random Selection

    • Only one application per exhibitor. Multiple applications submitted by the same exhibitor will invalidate all applications received.
    • Potential exhibitors may not request their booth space location or to be near other exhibitors.
    • Once an application has been submitted the selected genre and exhibitor name cannot be changed.
    • Results will be announced by email. Please ensure your spam filter allows you to receive emails from addresses ending in
    • If you do not receive the event selection results on December 2nd, please contact the Design Festa Office. If you do not complete the payment process within ten days of the announcement, your application will be invalidated even if you did not receive the event selection results email.
    • Exhibitor/parking passes can only be purchased if corresponding to the day(s) of your exhibition.
    • The number of exhibitor passes purchased cannot exceed the number of members in a group.
    • Exhibitors cannot reserve multiple booths of varying sizes and/or on different days.
    • Low-Light Area exhibitors are required to apply for an electrical outlet.
  • Booth Location

    • Booth spaces are distributed equally among both First Stage and Second Chance applicants.
    • Booths cannot be reserved in specific locations and are randomly assigned regardless of the order in which applications are received.
    • Your booth number will be enclosed in the Exhibitor Information Package that you will receive approximately one month prior to the event.
    • You can apply for multiple booths to be located alongside one another provided they share sizes and exhibition dates, but you cannot apply for multiple booths to be located back-to-back.
  • Payment

    • Please understand that your registration fee is non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel.
    • If the event is cancelled due to special circumstances such as natural disasters, transportation problems etc., please understand that your registration fee is non- refundable.
    • Please complete your payment within 10 days of receiving the results announcement.
    • If applying for both a booth and an event area presentation, please make your booth payment first. Then, once your event participation has been confirmed, please pay the event fee.
  • Waiting List Guidelines

    • Please be aware we cannot guarantee that booths will become available.
    • You will be contacted directly in the event of a cancellation in accordance with your desired booth specifications and provided with payment guidelines.
    • You will not be contacted if no booths suiting your preferred specifications become available.
    • Your application will be automatically cancelled if no booths become available within the time frame you specify when you apply.
    • If your application is processed after March 31st, 2017, your exhibition information will not be featured in the Artist Profile Gallery on the official Design Festa website or in event day pamphlets.

Booth Area Guidelines

  • Booth Setup

    • Booth areas are only marked on the floor by tape. No partitions are included.
    • Exhibitors are free to use their own partitions and display materials, however, due to fire regulations, please use only flame-resistant products. The Fire Department reserves the right to remove any flammable materials when making their inspection.
    • Flame-resistant equipment and display materials available for rent and purchase. Application form included in each Exhibitor Information Packet.
    • If you require a 2-storied booth, over 4m in height, with a ceiling, you must get permission from the Fire Department. Please inform the Design Festa Office of your booth plan 2 months before the event.
    • You cannot use electric wall outlets in the hall due to fire regulations.
    • For electrical outlets (500W, 2 plugs), apply to Design Festa Office at least a month beforehand. You can apply on the day of the event, but it will take longer to set up.
    • Using space other than your booth area is prohibited, so please keep your exhibition within your allotted booth space.
    • There is no storage place. Please keep your luggage within your booth space, or use the venue’s available coin lockers.
    • Please contact Design Festa Office 2 months beforehand if you are planning to use the following in your exhibition.
      1)Open flame (ex: candles)
      2)Vehicles (ex: motorcycles)
      3)Displays over 4m in height
      4)Large balloons, two-story structures or a ceiling.
  • Exhibiting

    • Please be considerate of your neighbors when you exhibit or perform.
    • You may use any delivery company of your choice for the shipping of goods to be received at Tokyo Big Sight. Please see the Exhibitor Information Packet for more information.
    • Aerosol spray paint is NOT permitted inside Tokyo Big Sight.
  • Sound Performances

    • Please submit a sound performance permission application form if you plan to perform music or have anything sound-related available in your booth.
    • If you play music, please be considerate of your neighbors.
    • Please keep your performance to a reasonable volume so as not to disturb the surrounding exhibitors and visitors.
    • Use of amps, microphones and/or drum sets prohibited.
    • If we receive multiple complaints from neighboring booths or you fail to follow exhibition guidelines, your performance will be suspended.
    • Ensure your audience does not block nearby aisles.
    • Using space other than your booth area is prohibited, so please keep your performance within your allotted booth space.
    • Use of wireless equipment that utilizes a B-type signal prohibited (outside event areas).