What is Performance?

  • 3 x 5 m new area attached to the outdoor hood area. You can perform acoustic performance and performance.

    Why do not you express your dreams that are pursuing the results of your daily practice and the possibilities of your own infinity on the big stage?

  • * There is a possibility of cancellation / interruption in rainy weather declaration because the area becomes inside the tent, in the case of stormy weather and windy weather.
    However, in any case, we can not refund the money we received, so please be forewarned.

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Application period and announcement

Reception Period:
From April 21st (Tue) 12pm JST, 2020 to June 10th (Wed) 7pm JST, 2020.
* If by FAX or MAILING, please make sure it will be arrived before the expire date.

Currently we are doing the adjustment process of the exhibition transfer, when the election winner announcement date is decided, it will be notified by mail. Please wait for a while.

* This time, there is no waitlist application for Design Festa vol. 52. Reception Period: Please submit the application between April 21st (Tue) 12pm JST, 2020 to June 10th (Wed) 7pm JST, 2020.

Application closed.

Appearance form · Fee


  • performance

    The appearance time includes setting and removal time.

    One appearance is 30 minutes, and 15 minutes can be added.
    Half appearance will be appearance for 15 minutes.

    It is possible to perform not only in acoustic performance but also in performance.

    * Speaker is ready, but it will be a simple equipment.

    * You are not allowed to use the amplifier.

    * Applications are required for carrying-in instruments. Together with the organization of the performance, please fill in the appearance content column.

    * For Performance Area appearances, 2 performer passes are attached per group. For those who need more than that please apply for “additional performer pass” at the time of application.

  • Equipment List (Previous)
    SR Speaker – Sx300/Sb122 Series
    Performance area price list
    time Fee (including equipment usage fee)
    1 appearance Half an hour ¥10,000
    Half cast 15 minutes ¥5,000
    add to 15 minutes ¥5,000

    ※ The price is including tax.

Application closed.

Additional options

  • Cast path, parking ticket, power supply equipment can be added for addition.

    The first additional option is from June 9th (Tue) 12pm JST, 2020 to August 10th (Mon) 7pm JST, 2020.

    The second additional option is from September 7th (Mon) 12pm JST, 2020 to September 28th (Mon) 7pm JST, 2020.

  • Castaway Pricing
    Saturday or Sunday ticket Both day ticket
    Advance purchase ¥550 ¥1,100
    Purchase on the day ¥1,000 ¥1,800

Payment method

  • In case of transfer from bank

    After the exhibition decision, please transfer within 10 days “contract ID + representative name.

    • We will inform you of the contract ID by e-mail after applying.
    • When transfer name and representative name are different, we can not confirm payment. Please be sure to contact the office.
    • Please pay the transfer fee.

    Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation · Shinjuku Nishiguchi Branch (ordinary) 9473358
    Design Festa Limited Company

  • Cash by registered mail · at office Direct payment

    〒 150 – 000 3-20-18-3F Jingumae Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Design festa office

    Tel : 03-3479-1433
    E-mail : info@designfesta.com
    Opening Hours: 10: 00-19: 00 Weekends other than the New Year’s Holiday (12 / 30-1 / 3)
    * Please be sure to fill out the representative’s name in the sender’s name.
    * If you would like a receipt please contact us separately.

  • With credit card In case of payment

    We are only handling Web applications.

    Available cards are VISA · MASTER · JCB · American Express / Diners Club International · PayPal&gt ;

    アート デザインフェスタ クレジット決済

About application

  • Confirmation matter concerning application

    The fee paid once can not be returned in case of cancellation. In the event that it becomes impossible to hold (natural disasters, transportation paralhes etc) we can not return the fee.

    Images, sound sources, video materials, etc. are accepted by mail or office.

    In the case of a large number of applicants or when you can not deposit the performance fee by the due date, we may refuse the appearance.
    Please note.

    Payment fee should be paid by postal registration, bank transfer or direct office within ten days after the appearance decision making contact.

    Those who appear in the booth and event area together, please pay the booth appearance fee first.
    Event performance fee will be paid after participation decision.

    Documents submitted can not be returned. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

  • Forwarding materials · Inquiries

    〒 150 – 0001
    3-20-18-3F Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    Design festa office show space address

    Tel : 03-3479-1433
    E-mail : performance@designfesta.com
    Opening Hours: 10: 00-19: 00 (7 days a week)
    * Please be sure to fill out the representative’s name in the sender’s name.
    * If you would like a receipt please contact us separately.