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Please see here for the exhibition FAQ.

Event Information/Event Hall FAQ

Q.What is Design Festa?

A. Design Festa is a biannual international art event held  in spring and autumn at TOKYO BIG SIGHT in Odaiba.

As long as the artwork is original, all artists are very welcome to participate.
Since its debut in 1994, Design Festa has long been recognized to be a pioneer of the art events popular in Japan today.
For more information, please see our About section.

Q.What can I expect to see at Design Festa?

A. Design Festa regularly features over 10,000 exhibitors, spanning all ages and genres, amateurs, students, professionals, they are all among the exhibitors at Design Festa.

Original artworks and goods exhibited at Design Festa range from accessories, fashion items, trinkets, paintings, sculptures, film projects, illustrations, photography, craft, interior decor and more!

Q.Can I buy what is on display?

A. Most booths will have their one of a kind works for sale!

For prices and payment methods, please talk with the exhibitor.

Q.Please tell me about the genre division of the booth area.

A. Please see the Event Area Map. The Event Area Map is available for download approximately 1 month before the event.

Click here to download the area map.The genres are not strict, so you may find other styles mixed in among the others.

Ticket purchase

Q.About Event Entry

A. Design Festa tickets are available at eplus, as well as on the day at the venue entrance ticket box.

In addition, you can also purchase original design tickets at our Harajuku Office and Design Festa Gallery,Ticket Port. For more information, click here.

Q.How much is the admission fee for children?

A. Junior high school students or older require a general admission ticket.

Children in elementary school receive free admission.

Q.Can elementary school students enter alone?

A. There are tens of thousands of people coming to the event. We recommend that children be accompanied by an adult.

Q.Do you have group discounts etc?

A. There is no group discount.

Q.Can I re-enter?

A. Is possible.Once you leave the venue, please speak to the staff at the re-entry entrance.
*The re-entry restrictions will be implemented for DESIGN FESTA vol.54.

Q.How is the entry queue formed?

A. Announcements concerning entry may change depending upon venue requirements.

When the event term is near, we will guide you on the NEWS on the Design Festa website.

Provisions for people with disabilities.

Q.Is there a discount on the entrance fee for the presentation of handicapped persons etc?

A. There is no discount for entrance fee, but parking is free by having you show disability certificate (physical handicapped person notebook, mental handicapped person health welfare notebook) at TOKYO BIG SIGHT.

Q.Are there any special facilities for parking?

A. We have a wheelchair-only area in the parking lot for general visitors in the TOKYO BIG SIGHT. ※Advance reservations can not be made.

Please contact the TOKYO BIG SIGHT for more information.

Q.Do you have a wheelchair rental?

A. Wheelchair rental is available at TOKYO BIG SIGHT General Information (Conference Building 2F Entrance Hall) and BIC Site Reception (Conference Building 1F Bus Terminal).

In addition, identification card is necessary for rental.※General information, loan at the TOKYO BIG SIGHT reception desk is from 9:00 to 17:00.


Q.Is there a place to store my belongings?

A. Yes, there are several places of coin lockers in the venue. TOKYO BIG SIGHT also offers a Baggage Storage Service at its Visitor Information Center.

The TOKYO BIG SIGHT homepage is here

Q.Is there a parking lot?

A. TOKYO BIG SIGHT has a paid parking lot. For prices and space availability, please check the TOKYO BIG SIGHT website, linked below.

The TOKYO BIG SIGHT homepage is here

Q.Are pets allowed?

A. No, pets are not allowed in the TOKYO BIG SIGHT Buildings. However, guide dogs and therapy pets are exempted from this rule.

Q.Can I cosplay at the event?

A. Visitors are limited to the original cosplay.

The cosplay of copyrighted characters and costumes is prohibited.

Q.Can visitors distribute flyers etc at the venue?

A. No. The distribution of flyers, performances, and other promotional activities by visitors is strictly prohibited.

Q.Can visitors sell items?

A. No. Visitors are prohibited from selling items.

If you are discovered selling items at the event, you will be asked to leave.

Q.Is there an ATM?

A. Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Star Bank, Seven Bank, Japan Post Bank ATM are located in the entrance hall of Tokyo Big Sight.

In addition, there are also ATMs located in the various convenience stores within the Tokyo Big Sight complex.

Q.Are there any Currency Exchanging facilities?

A. No. There are no foreign currency exchanging facilities at TOKYO BIG SIGHT.

It is recommended that you exchange money before visiting.

Q.I would like to contact one of the exhibitors. Can you provide me with their contact information.

A. No. Design Festa will not diclose any private information.

Q.Can I use the intercom system to call my friend.

A. No, Design Festa does not make calls over the intercom for individuals, unless in the case of a missing child.

Q.Is it possible to refund the admission ticket on the day?

A. We do not refund tickets  once purchased .

When purchasing tickets at a convenience store etc, please be careful not to make a mistake on the date.

Q.I would like to use model guns and imitation swords as accessories when participating in cosplay. Is this possible?

A. It may be a source of misunderstandings and troubles because it is a large-scale event with many people.

Please refrain from bringing in model guns and imitation swords.

Q.Lost property.

A. We manage with information during the day.

As it will be handed over to the Tokyo Big Sight Disaster Prevention Center after the event, please contact the following.
TOKYO BIG SIGHT Disaster Prevention Center Contact Information:03-5530-1129
※Saturday’s lost items will be collected on Saturday night and handed over to the TOKYO BIG SIGHT Disaster Prevention Center.<br/ >※Please contact 03-5564-3404 for more information on the Aoumi Exhibition Building.