Q.What kind of event is this?

Please click here for more details.

Q.What kind of exhibitors will be there? What kind of artwork can I expect to see?

Our exhibiting artists range in age from children to the elderly and everyone in between. Artists of all levels, from amateur to professional, create artwork spanning genres such as accessories, jewelry, fashion, painting, sculpture, film, theater, dance and much much more!

Q.Are any of the items on exhibit available for purchase?

Yes, most of the items that will be on display will be available for purchase. Please approach the exhibitors for pricing.

Q.Which booth areas apply to what genres of work?

【1st Floor】 A-Illustration, B-Illustration/Painting, C-All Genre, D-All Genre, E-Sundries, F-Accessories/Sundries, G-Fashion/Accessories
【4th Floor】 H-Dimmed Lighting Area, I-Illustration/All Genre J-Sundries/All Genre K-Illustration/Sundries/Accessories L-Live Painting Area


Q.Where can I purchase tickets in advance?

Tickets are available for advance purchase from convenience stores such as Lawson, Seven Eleven, FamilyMart, CircleK and Sunkus. Also from Ticket Pia, Playguides and bookstores. Design Festa original design tickets are available at the Design Festa office and gallery in Harajuku. Please click here for more details.

Q.How much do visitor tickets for children cost?

Children under the age of twelve may enter free of charge.


Q.Will there be a place I can put my bags?

No, please use the coin lockers at the venue and be responsible for any items of value.

Q.Is there parking?

There are parking lots available at Tokyo Big Sight. Please click the URL below for further information.

Q.Are pets allowed into the event?

Tokyo Big Sight will only permit guide dogs into the halls.

Q.Can I wear costumes? Are there changing rooms?

Yes, please do. However, please do not wear any copyrighted costume designs, as this is an original art event. The venue offers no changing room facilities.

Q.Are there ATMs?

Yes, the following ATMs are located in the Tokyo Big Sight entrance hall: Mizuho Bank, Tokyo Starbank, Seven Bank and Post Office Bank. There are also ATMs located in the various convenience stores within the Tokyo Big Sight complex.

Q.Are there money changing facilities?

No, there are no foreign money exchange facilities at Tokyo Big Sight.

Q.I wish to contact some of the exhibitors. Can you provide me with their contact information?

No. Design Festa will not disclose any private information. Please approach the exhibitors in question directly if you wish to contact them.

Q.Can I use the public address system venue to find my friends?

Can I use the public address system to find my friends or family?