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Please see here for the exhibition FAQ.

About exhibition

Q.Do you have Examination?

A. There is no prerequisite or juried selection.As long as it is an original work, anyone can exhibit at Design Festa.Event participation is decided by random selection.

Q.Are there any items that can not be exhibited?

A. We can not exhibit for resale, existing products, secondary creations, works, health products, cosmetics, organisms, food (except food area), fortune-telling and treatment operations.

If you decide not to comply with the purpose of the event, you may be asked to remove the booth.
In that case, you can not make a refund. Please note.

Q.Can I choose the location of the booth?

A. Can not do.The location of the booth will be determined by lottery.

Q. Can I request a booth space next to my friend?

A. No.If you would like to be placed next to your friend, please apply for multiple booths through one application.

When applying for multiple booths through a single application, those booths will be placed side by side.

Q.Can I exhibit “re-imagined” or “remake” works?

A. If the re-imaginating is your own, and if there is a high degree of originality in the work, then yes, exhibition is possible.However, re-imaginings and remake works are limited to those falling within the realms of Art and Design.

Please contact the office if you are unsure about conflicting secondary creation(TEL:03-3479-1433

Q.Can I sell commercial products?

A. Sale or resale of mass produced products is prohibited.

Q.What is the fan fiction borderline?

A. Character works that can feel “essential features” even if the original work is not used as it is considered as secondary creation.

Even if you have permission to the original copyright, please refrain from exhibiting as citations of works created by others do not conform to the purpose of the event that sings [Original work].
Imitation exhibitions are not permitted for works of masterpieces whose copyright protection period has passed, portraits of which have expired, etc., but parody, deformation, etc. based on the target works Depending on the contents, we will decide whether to exhibit or not after consultation by management.
and、It is prohibited to exhibit works that may infringe trademarks, copyrights and portrait rights.
If you find something like that on the day of the event, you will need to clean up the work.
If you can not do so, you may be required to remove the booth.
Please contact the office if you are unsure whether it will be a fan fiction.(Cotact:info@designfesta.com

Q.Can I exhibit as a massage parlor/hair and makeup salon?

A. Massage parlors and hair/makeup salons are not allowed.However, body makeup and body paint specialized for art are possible.

Q.Can I sell food and drink at my booth?

A. No. Only Food Area exhibitors can sell food and drink.

Q.Can I use candles and incense in my exhibition?

A. The exhibition/display of candles and incense requires prior permission from the fire department, which can be granted through an Application for Hazardous Materials Permit.

Q.Can I distribute flyers in the event halls?

A. The distribution of flyers and other forms of publicity must be confined to your booth space.

Q.How do I register?

A. Please register via the registration form found on our website.

If you would like a physical form, please contact us and we will send you a paper registration form. Click here to apply.
Click for detail here
【Design festa Office(10:00~19:00)】

Q.I need to cancel my exhibition. Can you refund my exhibition fees?

A. We can cancel your exhibition, but cannot refund any exhibition fees that have already been paid.

If you would like to cancel your exhibition, please contact the Design Festa office.

Q.Do you have any application or application required after the exhibition decision?

A. Details of the flow up to the exhibition, notes, and the necessary application after the exhibit decision will be provided in an e-mail magazine that will be sent once a month.

Q.When applying for multiple booths Can the exhibitor pass only up to 2 passes?

A. The exhibitor’s pass is for 1 booth, and 2 plans are included.

If you are exhibiting at 2 booths, 4 exhibitor passes will be included.

Q.Can I give another person a parking ticket or an exhibitor’s pass after purchase?

A. There is no problem if it is transferred to a friend, but resale is prohibited.

About Booth Layout/Display

Q.What is the recommended booth for the exhibitors?

A. The reasonable and easy thing is the smallest S booth.

This booth is recommended for beginners as it is easy to display accessories and accessories such as postcards.

Q.Does the booth include walls, tables, chairs, etc.?

A. Your booth is only a reservation of space, marked on the floor by tape.

If you would like to have tables, chairs, or wall panels, please either bring your own or apply for rental equipment via Rental Equipment Gakari.

Q.Can I sell things at my booth?

A. Yes, you may sell freely at your booth. We do not charge a commission fee for those who sell goods during the event.

The Design Festa office takes no responsibility for any troubles in regards to the selling of artwork and goods.

Q.Can I play music at my booth?

A. Yes, but please make sure to consider the event visitors and the surrounding exhibitors in regards to volume control.

If we receive a number of complaints regarding your music, we may ask you to either adjust the volume, or turn off the music entirely. We appreciate your understanding.

Q.Can I play an instrument/hold a performance at my booth?

A. Performances of all kinds are only possible for M-Booth exhibitors. However, Amplifiers, microphones, and drums are prohibited.

Please be sure to keep your performance within your allotted booth space. In the case that a crowd forms around your booth, please direct the crowd so that it does not block aisles or access to the surrounding booths.

Q. Is an application required for performances?

A. Yes, an application is required if you plan on holding any kind of performance. We will send details about performance applications in our monthly Exhibitor’s Newsletter, so please apply through the process detailed there.

Q.Can I put my luggage in the vacant aisles or spaces in the event hall?

A. No.

Please keep any baggage or boxes you may have within your own booth space or in any of the coin lockers found throughout Tokyo Big Sight.

Q.Can I use the electric outlets in the event hall?

A. No, the electrical outlets found throughout the event hall cannot be used.

The power supply installed in the big site can not be used.Learn more about additional options here.

Q.Does the location of the exhibit change significantly depending on the type of booth?

A. The location of the exhibition will differ depending on the booth you choose.In addition, it may be changed for each event.

Q.What kind of rental equipment do you have?

A. We have a wide range of chairs, desks, walls (panels), furniture, and disaster prevention products.Detail is here.

In addition, [rental equipment person in charge] is the window for inquiries regarding rental equipment.

Q.Is it uneasy whether the exhibition work will be prohibited for R-18, but is it all right?

A. It is difficult to tell the possible range of expression in writing, so we will show you the photos and images of the work and make a decision at the secretariat.

Please contact the office.
【Design Festa Office(10:00~19:00)】

Q.If you have more customers than expected, can you ask the administration staff to form a row?

A. If there is a shortage of booths or you don’t know where to put the line, the management staff will help you form a line.

Please consult your local patrol staff or the administration office.
However, please note that you can not lead or reside for a long time after forming a column.※Once the booth number has been decided, you can also consult in advance at the office.

Q.What kind of material can I use with live paint?Are there any restrictions on the expression of pictures?

A. Watercolor paints, pastels, water-based pens, colored pencils, acrylic paints, etc.Please use water-based paint that is easy to clean if it should be splashed.

The use of oil paints, sprays and oil-based materials is prohibited.
There is a curing sheet on the live paint booth, but if you are concerned about the possibility of splashing, please prepare your own.

There is no restriction on the expression of the picture if it is original.However, please be careful not to disturb people around you when you perform while drawing pictures.

Q.Where should I prepare the water for live paint?

A. You can use the designated hot water supply room in the venue.Do not use the bathroom in the bathroom as it may cause dirt and clogging.

Q.We will exhibit by one person. What should I do when I leave the booth?

A. Please manage valuables at your own risk.Also, when leaving the booth, please respond to the surrounding exhibitors by talking with them.

Q.We will exhibit on both days.Saturday night, can I just leave the booth?

A. For exhibitors on both days, the arrangement of Saturday night works and booths will be optional, but please note that the secretariat does not bear any responsibility for theft or trouble.

About loading and unloading

Q.Can I borrow a stepladder or a dolly?

A. There is no lending.Please bring your own.

Q.Can I unload my luggage using my car?

A.It is possible to carry in and out by car at spring and fall events.Please load and unload your luggage at the designated vehicle entrance.
In addition, you can not stop the car for a long time at the vehicle entrance.After loading and unloading, please move immediately.
You need a parking ticket if it takes more than 30 minutes to carry in and out.
Detail is here.

Q.Can I carry in on Friday the day before?

A. It can not be carried in the day before.

If you are not ready in time for delivery from the specified time, you can carry in early morning only on Saturday morning (3:00 am to 5:00 am).
※Application is necessary for early morning delivery. We will inform you after the exhibit is decided.
※It is not possible to carry in early morning on foot.This applies to cars.
※We do not accept on the day.If you have not applied, you will usually wait until the delivery time.

*There is no early morning setup for DESIGN FESTA vol.54.

Q.Do people coming to help me with Setup need exhibitor passes?

A. Even with the help of loading only, an exhibitor pass is required.(You only need to load and unload luggage at the car entrance and you do not need a pass if you do not enter the venue.)

The exhibitor’s pass should always be visible, and be sure to show it to the staff when entering or leaving the venue.
Detail is here.
※If they are in elementary school or older, then yes, an exhibitor pass is required.

Q.The number of participants for my group has increased. Can I buy additional exhibitor passes?

A. After the exhibition is decided, if it is within the additional option application period, it is possible to apply online.

After the period, you can not accept it on the web.Please purchase directly at the Harajuku office or purchase at the delivery port on the day.
In addition, please note that rates change in advance and the day.Detail is here.

Q.Is possible to have packages sent to the event?

A. You can send it on the day and time specified by SG Moving (Sagawa Express), and you can receive it on the big site on the day.(Storage fee will be charged separately)

The window for inquiries will be [SG Moving (Sagawa Express)].For details, please refer to the guidance sent after the exhibit decision.

Q.Can I send packages outside of the designated carrier?

A. Currently only [SG moving (Sagawa Express)] will be available. Please note.

Q.Is it possible to start unloading work early?

A. There is no specified start time for unloading, but the time when the car’s dedicated loading and unloading shutter opens is fixed.

If you want to take out earlier than that, please use the general visitor entrance.

Q.Is it possible to carry out the collected luggage the next day?

A. It can not be unloaded the day after the event.

For single-day exhibitors, until 21:00 on the day of the exhibit.If you are exhibiting on both days, please be sure to finish unloading by 21:00 on Sunday.

Q.What should I do with the rubbish that came out when carrying in and out

A. Please be sure to take the trash out of the room when you carry it in and out.

Nails and paintings are dangerous, so be sure to collect them and make sure that they do not drop around you.
Also, please be sure to take home the shelves, furniture, and display materials you brought in by yourself.


Q.Is it possible to exhibit using a wheelchair?

A. Visitors using wheelchairs can also exhibit.

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or phone if you have any concerns during loading / unloading or exhibition.
【Design Festa Office(10:00~19:00)】

Q.Is there a discount for disabled people at the exhibition?

A. Parking vouchers will be free of charge upon presentation of the handicapped person’s notebook.Please contact the office for details.

【Design Festa Office(10:00~19:00)】
※Those who have already received a deposit will be refunded upon presentation of the disability certificate.

Q.Is it okay to leave the booth alone as a primary school student?

A. There are tens of thousands of people coming to the event.

Even if you are not involved in a problem, please be sure to have your parents accompany you in elementary school children.

Q.What should I do if I lost something or lost something?

A. We manage with information during the day.

As it will be handed over to the Tokyo Big Sight Disaster Prevention Center after the event, please contact the following.
※Saturday’s lost items will be collected on Saturday night and handed over to the Tokyo Big Sight Disaster Prevention Center.
※Please contact the Aokai Exhibition Hall Disaster Prevention Center for any lost items at the Aokai Exhibition Hall.(TEL:03-5564-3404